Aldo Bursese

He attended the Ursuline Art School in St. Charles. He graduated in photography, advertising and marketing. His initial dream was to be a reporter, which led to his meeting a famous journalist who proposed him to take photographs in belligerent areas, but his parents opposed his initial idea. After his artistic studies he totally changed his field, dedicating himself to the field of logistics and shipping. In 1979, he founded the Società Interlaziale Trasporti e Spedizioni S.p.A., in which he held the role of Managing Director and Owner. Over the years, Interlaziale achieved important results with a constantly growing turnover and excellent profitability. In October 2016, at the peak of his career, he decided to face new professional challenges and sold his shareholding giving birth to a new legal entity. His experience in Logistics has been fundamental, as it has allowed him to build up a network of relationships with managing directors and general managers, colleagues in the sector, thousands of customers and suppliers, various buyers over the decades... all this has allowed him to open GLOG AB BROKER, a "company specialized in B2B", which acts as an intermediary between companies of certain products and/or services with other companies interested in buying and/or using these services. The main task it performs is to connect large companies of products and services that offer or require advice for various industrial sectors, as well as logistics and transport. aldo2